68200 Litre Holding tank

  • Design shown is a three piece unit. Tongue & groove design is sealed with a fibrous mastic sealant.
  • Steel reinforced with 20m Rebar.
  • 3 100mm inlets fitted with flexible rubber connections and a 100mm outlet fitted with flexible rubber connection.
  • Tanks conform to National Standards of Canada CAN/CSA B66-10.

Note :

  1. 75mm diameter PVC pipe cast in to facilitate pump installation or venting.
  2. Outlet contains 1 100 flexible rubber connection – accommodates outlet filter – filter installed by contractor.
  3. Cast in place 610mm ID. plastic risers with plastic lid secured with stainless steel fasteners extending 100mm above top of tank.

Designed for up to two metre burial over top of tank – vehicular traffic tanks are available upon request.

  • Specialty conformation may be possible.
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