RMT1000 3785 Litre Septic Tank

Roth MultiTank® Key Facts

  • Less Worries
  • ­No cracking
  • ­No corrosion
  • ­Watertight
  • ­Higher life expectancy
  • ­Strongest and heaviest poly tank on the market
  • ­True structural integrity
  • ­HDPE — the most chemically-resistant material in the world
  • Easier Handling
  • Lightweight
  • Simple, user-friendly installation
  • No water backfill required
  • Multi-port inlet/outlet
  • Versatile — suitable for septic, pump, and cistern applications
  • Roth offers all accessories to complete a whole system, including the popular STAR® riser systems
  • Can be installed up to 72” deep (in some states and Canadian Provinces
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